Daisy Alice Hulbert is one of the new members of the Phantom corps de ballet. ( x )

Deborah Dutcher, Jeffery Reynolds - Wishing/Wandering Child
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More obscure Christine stuff!

Here’s Debora Dutcher in GERMAN in 1993, singing both “Wishing” and “Wandering Child” alongside u/s Phantom Jeffery Reynolds, and some unknown Raoul. Yay!

Auditions have begun for PotO!LEGO

It involves teeny tiny little chairs and minifigures singing “Everything is Awesome” in the most operatic manner possible.

Once upon a time, I commissioned you for a piece of work that featured Sarah Brightman and Steve Barton as Christine & Raoul. I want you to know that was one of the best things I ever got. (Wasn't sure if you knew that was me or not, but thought I'd tell you anyway) Still remains ever so dear to my heart.

Yes! I remember that commission :) Sorry, my brain doesn’t always equate people’s online handles with their real-life personas unless I’ve known them for a long time. But it’s nice to put a handle to a name, so to speak :)

I don’t think I’ve featured that piece on my blog yet. Will have to correct that shortly!

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Since I can’t reply yet because tumblr thinks I’m a spam bot…Trust me folks, this will be EPIC..epicly BAD.  In a highly amusing way.

Hold on to your butts!

Even *I* think it’s nuts. So there you go.

Since I’ve posted my Follower gift, I thought now would be an excellent time to introduce myself to any of you new followers out there.

I’m Raphael, and I’ve been in the Phantom of the Opera phandom for about 24 years - the past 16 years of which I’ve been making Phantom phan art. This is my official blog associated with my Phantoons of the Opera website, and in addition to posts of my artwork and other Phantom-related projects, you’ll find lots and lots of other Phantom stuff - musicals, movies, books, costumes, and the like.

If you’d like to get to know more about me, you can always visit my personal blog where you’ll find my fan art based on several of the other fandoms I’m a part of (Doctor Who, Star Wars, Sherlock, Star Trek… the list goes on and on) as well as random posts about my other interests (fencing, Italy, tango, etc.)

Outside of Tumblr, you can find me and my artwork here:

Want to commission me? Feel free to contact me via any of these social media outlets.

Here’s my 1,000 Followers Video Q&A, folks. Thanks again for following and enjoy!

Hey, remember when I said I was holding on to that “1000 Followers” thank you gift to post later?



You alone can make my song take flight… 


Given everything we see of her in the original stage show, Meg would be far more likely to walk unburned through fire with dragon babies and free a bunch of slaves rather than end up an embittered prostitute-turned-showgirl who pines after Erik and shoots Christine accidentally in a jealous psychotic rage while threatening Christine’s child.